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August 31, 2020 - BY Admin

How to kill Curiosity

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Over the last number of months, children have been at home due to the closure of schools. In the past, the end of year holidays were the most dreaded times by parents. The worry was around the children being home for the next 2 months and parents not knowing what to do with them. This issue was again compounded by the fact that the parents and children would be at home at the same time, a clear recipe for great disaster, great discomfort and a lot of time available and not knowing what to do with it.

In the Normal, our time was properly programmed and we had confines. Wake up at a given hour so as to be at a place at a specific time and with specific programmed things to do and a defined way to do the things. You could literally get through the day with your eyes closed having come to know how it works like clockwork.

Right from when you wake up to sleeping time, there are things you are expected to do and how to do them is already thought our, all you have to do is comply and confine to those things and ways of doing them and you certainly be a huge success and will get through the day with rewards for being good, obedient hard-working, keen to details and promising future.

Well if the last 5 months are to provide any learning, both the parents and children are still breathing and have come to a mutual understanding. The mutual understanding varies from home to home, some have taken on new hobbies lie bike riding, skating, photography, baking, dance, and games. It had to take a pandemic for us to reconnect with the things we love doing and doing them with our children. Some have found this a very rewarding discovery and have come to know their children better and the children to have come to learn much more out of the classroom. My  Eight daughter is currently reading The last 2 Million years, just after she finished going through all the pictures in the book on the Queen of England.

Wholistic learning is something schools have not been providing, they have been focusing on preparing students for the National exams. The whole point of Education is learning and not passing tests to assess how much of the mumble jumbo the teacher talked of you can remember.