Work and Learning, what`s the correlation if there be any?

Created on 2023-05-04 10:35

Published on 2023-05-04 10:57

If you were to study work and working you would most likely find the following.

1. Work is a collection of tasks and are dictated by the nature of professional learning undertaken by role holder. 

2. That these tasks are made up of many sub tasks.

3. That there are skills required to perform the tasks to degree as required by the organisation. These skills are commonly referred to as competencies.

4. That there is knowledge requirements to perform these tasks and subtasks. Most of this knowledge is acquired from learning institutions and consists of principles and theories relating to the professional field in question.

With the above , we see that learning needs to more task oriented to build the skills and competencies required to perform well on the role and to do work at required standards of the organisation.

Enabling people to learn to perform well is both a science and Art. 

There are theories and principles that have been tested over time. 

One such principle is First principles of instruction by Dr. David Merrill. ( There are many other theories ,Models and principles one can use to design and develop learning).

First principles enables the Instruction designer to identify the tasks and competencies required and to focus on imparting those skills to the learners . 

Knowledge is not left behind as you can provide the knowledge required and enables the learner improve their performance. 

Many jobs have a combination of facts, procedures and processes and First principles provides a formula of teaching these. All knowledge can not and should not use the same instructional strategies. Dr. Merrill identifies types of knowledge and prescribes instructional strategies for each. As he says, he only says what Gagne should have said ( A read of Robert Gagne's work would enable appreciation of this saying).

Good learning, needs to help the learner perform the tasks and subtasks better than before the learning program.

Martin Wanjohi is the head of learning at iPerformance Africa ,an organisation that focuses on Strategy execution using Balanced scorecard, Instruction design and performance improvement. Looking to skill your L&D team to develop performance based learning? contact:

Martin runs both Virtual instructor lead and Physical learning programs on designing and developing Performance Based learning

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