Performance Management

It's about time we rethink Performance Management.

Its that time of year, we need to pull out our performance appraisals and supervise the exercise organisation wide. The supervisors don’t really like it, they consider it not very useful use of their time. We need to draft the email that the exercise needs to be completed in two weeks, also draft the reminders, the very last reminders and then reminders of prosecution for not meeting deadlines.

Why do performance appraisals have to be so painful and stressful? To everyone in the organisation.

Let’s look at why do we do them? Most likely because we found them being done, we have always been conducting performance appraisal. What would happen if we didn’t do them?

What do we use the performance appraisal data for? Mostly to conclude weather employees have achieved goals (Mostly operational goal) reward those who have done well, send to training those who didn’t do well, and if as a manager, the staff is a problem or you don’t particularly like them, use the appraisal to exit them.

We have been running performance appraisals since time immemorial, what do we do between one cycle and the next, using the data to ensure we achieve better results- Most likely nothing, miracles do happen and performance improves.

There is need to review Performance management, Performance appraisal is just one element of the task of measuring the contribution of each employee to the operational and strategic plans of the organisation. As we measure the performance of the role holder, we need to be cognizant that performance happens in a system. Should we find the performance is not as we expected, we shouldn’t conclude the performer is the problem. We need to inquire into the other Human performance factors to pinpoint the problem source of the poor performance.

However, what many do is to ship the performer for training to fix the performance problem. The training department is not the human performance fixing department. Organisations need to relook at their performance Philosophy. Are we looking at the entire performance system? When performance is not good, there are a number of likely influences, we need to inquire into them to see what needs to be fixed.

I Believe performance Management should be a department on its own in an organisation that’s serious of achieving its operational and strategic goals. In many organisations, the role is delegated to managers across and supervised by HR , so who really is responsible for performance Management in the organisation?

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