iPerformance Africa is a fully fledged Talent development and Strategy execution firm that exists to help organiations solve the problems of performance attributable to Skills, Knowledge and performance environment. 
‌Organisation performance is a result of application of skills and knowledge to the strategic plan of the organisation by the employees and in conducive performance systems and environment. iPerformance Africa provides the solution to organiations challenges  

Talent Development 

Strategy formulation, Execution, performance measurement and improvement

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iPerformance Africa primary focus is to enable organisations achieve their strategic intent. The human capital and the performance environment are key factors to success of the strategic intent of the organisation. We work with organisations to align the human capital to achieve strategy execution success. Performance Africa focuses on services of consulting and advisory in the areas of Talent development 

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We work with organisation in area of formulation of strategy and translating the strategy to actionable items, identify what to measure and cascade the strategy organisation wide while integrating it with operations. iPerformance improvement – iPerformance Africa works with organisations to identify performance gaps and interventions to close the performance gaps. The interventions may involve skilling the workforce or identifying the non-skills issues and closing these types of gaps.

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