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Creating competency frameworks


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Instructional Design Certificate


Course Description


Learning is a critical element for organisations. It is through learning that competency gaps are closed and the performance level increased.

Well created courses provide line of sight to the learning needs of  both the learner and benefit to the organisation, learning retention, applicability to the job immediately, integration to the employee's ways of work.

Designing a learning solution that serves business needs is the ultimate calling for an instructional designer. Learning that captivates the learner, helps the learner gain measurable skills and not merely give information. Training isn’t telling.

Course Ourcome 

The participant will be able to Design virtual instructor lead training that addresses the competence skill gaps in organization.

The participant will develop course materials that are of global standards and online delivery methods that enhance learning retention.

The participant will be able to measure the participant will be able to measure the performance impact on the b/s due to the learning solution designed and delivered to the employers.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course:

1.       The learner will be able to identify specific organization learning needs

2.       The learner will be able to design learning

3.       The learner will be able to give specific training need of the organization –here the learner will be able to design training that addresses 100%of the specific organization learning need and identified.

4.       Given the created learning solution the learner will be able to impactful deliver.

This is a 3-day Virtual instructor lead training.

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Facilitating Virtual Training


Course Description

 Virtual facilitation has been on the rise over the last decade—two-thirds of organizations and growing regularly leverage this modality But in today’s remote work environment, virtual facilitation is a core competency for trainers and educators. No matter how skilled you are as an in-person classroom trainer, success in the virtual environment requires unique skills in audience engagement, creating nontraditional interactivity, sensitivity in how to use your voice, and confidence to multitask in a new technical and logistical setting.

iPerformance Africa offers this virtual facilitator trainer certificate in the live online classroom so you can experience techniques being role modeled. You and peer from your cohort will also receive a piece of content to deliver virtually, using the techniques modeled. At the conclusion of this online facilitation training, you will have developed the skills and confidence to successfully facilitate synchronous learning events.

Why should you attend?

• Learn to apply proven techniques that maximize learner engagement, energy, and motivation via online learning.

• Use producer or assistant facilitator support to ensure seamless, stress-free sessions.

• Manage technical and participant problems that can and will occur.

What Participants Will Learn

Creating Audience Engagement

Become on with webcasting

Being a Broadcaster

Synchronous Team Teaching

Mishap Management

Preparing and Practicing

Facilitation of Online Workshop

This is a one-day Virtual instructor lead program.


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Creating competency Based learning


Your company just embarked on competency-based learning and, much to your dismay, you suddenly realize that you don’t have the right content to help people learn the required skills and close their skill gaps. You Panic and are not sure where to start.

Do you suddenly start to plan the building of new courses or programs, something that could take months to build and deploy? Or do you follow the approach the modern learner desires—creating activities that people can use to learn while they work, and that you can build in less than a day?

Learning while you work has many advantages, such as ensuring learning transfer occurs and actually getting work done. It is informal, experiential learning—the “70” in the 70-20-10 framework. While traditional on-the-job training makes use of this practice, it does not provide sufficient structure to consistently deliver desired outcomes.
For learning professionals who have spent their careers creating formal learning, the task may seem daunting.

In this 2 day virtual instructor led Training , you’ll learn to apply these same instructional design techniques to create informal learning, so you can close curriculum gaps at lightning speed.


What participants will learn :

·         how to ensure you are creating competency-based learning activities

·         Step-by-step guidance on how to create competency-based learning activities in a few hours

·         How to operationalize the use of the learning solutions created.

Learning Objective

Create a learning solutions that adress and close  competency gaps in the organisation.
This is a 2 day Virtual instructor lead training.
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Designing Virtual Training Certificate


Course Description 

Determining how your content can be effectively delivered in the virtual environment should be a proactive, intentionally planned effort. 

A common pitfall is assuming training from the physical classroom can be delivered online without modifications. This approach can negatively impact participant engagement, lead to technology challenges, and reduce the effectiveness of the training. This course provides grounding in everything you need to know to avoid that pitfall and successfully design virtual instructor-led training programs that establish learner engagement, 

incorporate collaborative activities, and enable you to create effective instructional materials. Develop the skills you need in this program take this opportunity to see best practices for virtual training design modeled through 16 hours of online learning. 

online instruction; templates for a facilitator and participant guide; and an interactive planning tool.

This is a 2-day virtual instructor lead program.

The program is highly recommended for those who have previously been training face to face.

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eLearning instruction design certificate



The current state of the globe has changed how learning will porter will be consumed. There has been an increase in eLearning both at VILT and self-paced learning. Learning professionals must adapt to this change or become obsolete to stay relevant learning professionals need to adopt eLearning. To adopt eLearning, the learning professional need to be able to create eLearning programs acceptable standards using methodologies already in existence.


1.       At the end of this training, the learner will be able to recognize globe methodologies of developing eLearning and the principle behind human learning.

2.       The learners will be able to develop learning while cognizant of the science of human learning.


1.       Develop learning instructions that improve employee performance.

2.       Design eLearning experience using a learning design model.

3.       Create learning (planning and design looks) that address organization learning performance-based learning.

4.       Create eLearning design addressing the learned needs and learning experience

5.      Create eLearning meeting global eLearning, curriculum builders, learning managers, and courseware producers.

This is a 3-day virtual instructor lead program.

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Balance score card -The essentials


Strategy execution in organisations is usually a big problem. The lack of understanding of the methodology, principals, and processes in BSC is one critical cause of failure or fear of adopting BSC as a strategy execution tool.

At the end of this course, the learners will have a perfect understanding of the methodology of BSC and be able to.


At the end of the learning session, the learner will:

Given a strategy document, the learner will be able to define the

Discuss the concept of BSC 

The learner will be able to define BSC and  demonstrate to case point for BSC adoption in the organisation.

The learner will be able to classify the various KPI in the organizations and reformulate those malformulated in the strategy document

The learner will be able to describe the BSC translating, cascading and alignment process

The learner will be able to identify change required and the gaps in the organisations to be able to fully successfully implement BSC in the organisation.



Virtual instructor lead session 

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BSC Mastery


Course outcome

At the end of the program, the learner will be able to take an organization executive and management team through the process of strategy translation, cascading and alignment, and also the implementation of BSC in the organisation. The participant will develop mastery in the concepts and the methodology of BSC as a Strategy execution tool and well as a performance Management tool.

The participant will also be gain knowledge on executing a BSC project for an organisation and succeed without failure or error. The learner will also be able to link operations with the strategy of the organisation.

Learning objectives

At the completion of this course the learner will:


Given an organisation strategy, the learner will be able to lead the strategy translation process for the organisation successfully (100 %)

Given the organisations strategy, the learner will be able to derive the strategic  objective .

Given the organisation strategy, the learner will be able to derive the organisations corporate strategy maps and the contribution maps for the entire organisation.

Given the organizations strategy, the learner will be able lead creation a strategic objectives KPI, Initiatives KPI, and operational KPI

Given the derived documents, the learner will be able to lead the implementation of BSC in the entire organisation with 100% success

Given the organisation strategy, the learner will be able to cascade and align the entire organisation with no errors.

The learner will be able to lead strategy management in the organisation with success

Given the success gaps in the organisation, the learner will be able to lead leadership transformation for the organisation to ensure 100 % the success of BSC implementation in the organisation.


This is a 2 Virtual instructor lead session 


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Strategy formulation BSC Methodology


Strategy formulation with Balance score Card Methodology 

Strategy formulation has been around for many years, formulating a good strategy is critical for a business, however, how do you ensure that the strategy formulation ensures organisation renewal? Assessment of many strategy documents have brought out gaps in the strategy formulation process.

This course aims to help participants design strategy documents that encompass the entire organisation in terms of resources and key in mind how do we continue to thrive and grow as an organisation, how do we continue to transform as an organisation to meet  the change at the speed of thought currently happening.

Strategy formulation needs to be a well-thought process, insightful to the organisation and not a periodic checkbox.

At the end of this learning program, the learner will be able to

Design world-class  organisation strategy that is implementable and measurable

Formulate strategic objectives with organisation transformation and renewal in mind

Apply all the tools used in strategy formulation with 100% accuracy

This is a 2-day Virtual instructor lead course.

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Consulting Model



The need to have skills to succeed 

Many who entre the consulting space are accidental consultants. They found themselves in the business and have learned the hard way over time.

This course aims to equip learners with knowledge and skills in consulting gained over time and using models that already work and cuts down the costly trial and error learning into the consulting space.

On completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

Analyze client needs 

Assess  the organisation performance issues and challenges  and provide accurate remedial solutions

Develop a solution that solves organisation pain points

Develop measures to of their service impact to the clients business (ROI for their services)

formulate the business strategy for their consulting business

Launch their consulting business.

This is a 1-day virtual instructor lead program 

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Professional Coaching - Become a coach

Coaching is a vital service to help people get unstuck. There are as many types of coaches as there are challenges. Helping people succeed is a very rewarding experience and as humans, we like being of service to others.

This program takes the learner through the journey of becoming a world-class coach. Whether it be for workplace coaching or for a professional coaching business, this learning program will equip you with the skill to coach and succeed at being a world-class coach, a reliable resource to your clients and employees at the workplace.

Whether you have coaching certification or not, this program is suitable for you.

You may have coaching certification however you have never put the learning to practice (so its all possibly forgotten or lost in your mind).

You may be new into coaching and you have been thinking of becoming a coach for a living, then this course is for you.

The course introduces and helps learners apply various coaching methodologies, equipping them with an array of tools for coaching clients. The course introduces the following coaching methodologies.

  1. Neuro-Linguistics Programming for coaching
  2. Neuro systemic constellation coaching  
  3. Executive coaching methods.

at the end of the session participants will be able to:

Construct a coaching program for any type of client

Run coaching sessions at the workplace or for clients

Design a business strategy for their coaching business.

Execute the coaching business strategy with 98% success 

This is a one-day Virtual instructor lead program.

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