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Instructional Design Certificate


Course Description


Learning is a critical element for organisations. It is through learning that competency gaps are closed and the performance level increased.

Well created courses provide line of sight to the learning needs of  both the learner and benefit to the organisation, learning retention, applicability to the job immediately, integration to the employee's ways of work.

Designing a learning solution that serves business needs is the ultimate calling for an instructional designer. Learning that captivates the learner, helps the learner gain measurable skills and not merely give information. Training isn’t telling.

Course Ourcome 

The participant will be able to Design virtual instructor lead training that addresses the competence skill gaps in organization.

The participant will develop course materials that are of global standards and online delivery methods that enhance learning retention.

The participant will be able to measure the participant will be able to measure the performance impact on the b/s due to the learning solution designed and delivered to the employers.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course:

1.       The learner will be able to identify specific organization learning needs

2.       The learner will be able to design learning

3.       The learner will be able to give specific training need of the organization –here the learner will be able to design training that addresses 100%of the specific organization learning need and identified.

4.       Given the created learning solution the learner will be able to impactful deliver.

This is a 3-day Virtual instructor lead training.