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eLearning instruction design certificate



The current state of the globe has changed how learning will porter will be consumed. There has been an increase in eLearning both at VILT and self-paced learning. Learning professionals must adapt to this change or become obsolete to stay relevant learning professionals need to adopt eLearning. To adopt eLearning, the learning professional need to be able to create eLearning programs acceptable standards using methodologies already in existence.


1.       At the end of this training, the learner will be able to recognize globe methodologies of developing eLearning and the principle behind human learning.

2.       The learners will be able to develop learning while cognizant of the science of human learning.


1.       Develop learning instructions that improve employee performance.

2.       Design eLearning experience using a learning design model.

3.       Create learning (planning and design looks) that address organization learning performance-based learning.

4.       Create eLearning design addressing the learned needs and learning experience

5.      Create eLearning meeting global eLearning, curriculum builders, learning managers, and courseware producers.

This is a 3-day virtual instructor lead program.