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Balance score card -The essentials


Strategy execution in organisations is usually a big problem. The lack of understanding of the methodology, principals, and processes in BSC is one critical cause of failure or fear of adopting BSC as a strategy execution tool.

At the end of this course, the learners will have a perfect understanding of the methodology of BSC and be able to.


At the end of the learning session, the learner will:

Given a strategy document, the learner will be able to define the

Discuss the concept of BSC 

The learner will be able to define BSC and  demonstrate to case point for BSC adoption in the organisation.

The learner will be able to classify the various KPI in the organizations and reformulate those malformulated in the strategy document

The learner will be able to describe the BSC translating, cascading and alignment process

The learner will be able to identify change required and the gaps in the organisations to be able to fully successfully implement BSC in the organisation.



Virtual instructor lead session