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Creating competency Based learning


Your company just embarked on competency-based learning and, much to your dismay, you suddenly realize that you don’t have the right content to help people learn the required skills and close their skill gaps. You Panic and are not sure where to start.

Do you suddenly start to plan the building of new courses or programs, something that could take months to build and deploy? Or do you follow the approach the modern learner desires—creating activities that people can use to learn while they work, and that you can build in less than a day?

Learning while you work has many advantages, such as ensuring learning transfer occurs and actually getting work done. It is informal, experiential learning—the “70” in the 70-20-10 framework. While traditional on-the-job training makes use of this practice, it does not provide sufficient structure to consistently deliver desired outcomes.
For learning professionals who have spent their careers creating formal learning, the task may seem daunting.

In this 2 day virtual instructor led Training , you’ll learn to apply these same instructional design techniques to create informal learning, so you can close curriculum gaps at lightning speed.


What participants will learn :

·         how to ensure you are creating competency-based learning activities

·         Step-by-step guidance on how to create competency-based learning activities in a few hours

·         How to operationalize the use of the learning solutions created.

Learning Objective

Create a learning solutions that adress and close  competency gaps in the organisation.
This is a 2 day Virtual instructor lead training.